• • Compatible with 31.8mm bar clamp size only. Be sure to measure your stem's clamp size before purchasing to ensure a proper fit.
  • • Upright riding position: Designed for better visibility and easier handling on technical terrain, it allows riders to maintain an upright position, enhancing control and comfort for off-road adventures.
  • • Rise options: The Upturn, a 31.8 riser handlebar, is available in 55mm or 40mm rise. Choose the rise that suits your preferred riding position and comfort level, ensuring an optimal fit for your biking needs.
  • • Optimal Control with Indication Marks: Equipped with convenient indication marks for shifter and brake levers, the Upturn bicycle handlebars allow for precise positioning and setup of your controls.
  • • Lightweight and durable: Crafted from high-quality AL6061 aluminum alloy, the Upturn 31.8 handlebar combines lightweight construction with durability, making it suitable for BMX and aggressive trail riding.
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